Seeland Pilot Site Visit

On the 20th of October 2023, WATERAGRI partners from University of Neuchâtel and University of Oulu organized Switzerland pilot site visit. This event, hosted at INFORAMA Seeland, aimed to engage with local stakeholders and gain insights into current agricultural practices. The visit was hosted by Philip Brunner, Tamara Avellan, Bishal Dahal, and Qi Tang.

The event was designed to facilitate a meaningful exchange of ideas and gather valuable data. A small-scale interview involving representatives from the local farming community was organized. The questions posed to the participants were strategically divided into two parts. The first set aimed to assess current practices in the use of technologies for sustainable water and nutrient management. The second set delved into stakeholders’ perceptions of three WATERAGRI solutions: remote sensing, integrated physically based models, and AGRICOLUS platforms. The interviewers, representing WATERAGRI, ensured that the discussions were conducted in both English and German.

The WATERAGRI pilot site visit and interviews in Seeland served as a valuable platform for dialogue between researchers and local farmers. The engagement with the community provided essential insights that will contribute to the development and refinement of high-tech solutions for sustainable water and nutrient management. This collaborative effort is a testament to the commitment of WATERAGRI partners and local stakeholders to shape the future of agriculture through innovation and sustainable practices.

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