Massive Open Online Course

The WATERAGRI project was successfully completed on April 30th after four years. WATERAGRI partner, Agricultural Advisory Center in Brwinów (CDR) developed Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to provide detailed insights into the results of the project.

The idea of the course is to share the effects of the WATERAGRI project and disseminate the developed solutions to as many recipients as possible. WATERAGRI vision is to enable agricultural production that can sustain growing populations and cope with present and envisioned climate change challenges in Europe for the 21st century. ​

The course is dedicated to, farmers, advisors, students, scientists (additional materials linked) and all interested attendees.

WATERAGRI offers theoretical knowledge and disseminates practical solutions in listed areas: improving water retention and nutrient recycling in soils, sustainable agricultural development, preventing negative effects of climate changes, water purification and new technologies used in agriculture.

The course contains:

  • Overview about the climate changes, the water excess and shortage problems and pollution problems in Europe
  • Overview about the WATERAGRI project, it’s background, achievements and practical solutions
  • Furtherly described 15 WATERAGRI solutions divided in 4 thematical groups (4 presentations):
    1. Water and nutrient management for smart and sustainable agriculture
    2. On-site water retention solutions
    3. On-site nutrient recovery solutions
    4. Laboratory-scale tests and field-scale tests
  • Summary
  • Short test

Opening all activities and passing the test with the minimal score of 80% correct answers guarantees receiving a certificate. Estimated time for completing the course is 3 hours.

For any support on course, contact:

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