Irrigation Decision Support System


AGRICOLUS has develop decision support system which optimizes irrigation scheduling and fertilization on the basis of the near-real-time updated model simulations. 

Irrigation management and agrometeorological monitoring was developed by AGRICOLUS  to help farmers, agronomists and consultants manage irrigation scheduling and crop stress in real time, ensuring optimal production while reducing water use, energy consumption and environmental impact. Stress and irrigation management aim to cover the entire irrigation process, ensuring optimal production throughout the season, planning agricultural activity and management strategy according to current crop needs and weather conditions.

The precision agriculture system developed by AGRICOLUS calculates for each area of the field the optimal amount of water content to supply to the field. This system will make it possible to optimize water use.

AGRICOLUS has developed a WebGIS tool that allows the identification of farms, especially the visualization of the spatial-related data such as: remote sensing data, digital elevation models, existing land-use data, potential areas subjected to land-use change.

Developed by


Diego Guidotti

Mauro Roscini

Case Study

Where We Test Our Solution

Irrigation Decision Support System is tested at each case study site of WATERAGRI project.

Solution Test Progress

The Irrigation Decision Support System and Web-GIS tool are at Technical Readiness Level (TRL) 6, while the Precision Agriculture System is at TRL 5. each solution has been tested in the environment on a few test farms and has shown excellent results. 


AGRICOLUS will develop a spatialization of the actual Irrigation Decision Support System, in order to optimize the use of water resources for each zone of the field. 

AGRICOLUS will provide support to all partners for case studies and field tests.

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