WATERAGRI’s Pilot Sites Study Visit

Dr Bishal Dahal, WATERAGRI partner from University of OULU, recently embarked on a study visit as part of the project activities. His journey led him to two WATERAGRI pilot sites – irrigation areas managed by Canale Emiliagno Romagnolo in Italy and the pilot site of The University of Neuchâtel in Seeland, Switzerland.

The primary aim of Bishal‘s study visit was to capture on-farm water management experiences and analyze current practices. The activities were designed to expose him to a variety of innovative techniques and technologies for sustainable water management in agriculture. By gaining insights into these practices, the visit sought to contribute valuable information for future research endeavors.

The anticipated outcome of Bishal Dahal‘s study visit will be a comprehensive research paper. Whether researchers, practitioners, or policymakers, the insights of the research paper are intended to inform and inspire, fostering a collective commitment to sustainable water practices.

Bishal Dahal‘s study visit within the WATERAGRI project represents a crucial step in the ongoing pursuit of sustainable water management in agriculture. The knowledge gained and disseminated through the scientific paper will ripple through the agricultural community, sparking conversations and actions that lead to a more sustainable and water-efficient future.

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