WATERAGRI Training for Farmers

On March 26, 2024, WATERAGRI partners, Agrogeo and the University of Debrecen (UNIDEB) hosted a training event in Kecskemét, Hungary, focused on advancing sustainable agriculture. Attracting a diverse group of 29 participants, including farmers, researchers, policymakers, and advisors, the event emphasized the collective effort required to address environmental challenges.

The discussions centered on innovative strategies to reduce conventional water resource use and explore alternative irrigation methods in response to climate change. Led by Attila Nagy and Tamás Szolnoky, the sessions offered insights into integrating sustainability into agricultural practices. Through interactive workshops, stakeholders and farmers engaged in meaningful exchanges on employing technology and innovative practices for a sustainable future.

This training marks a significant step towards WATERAGRI‘s goal of fostering knowledge transfer and empowering the agricultural community. The Kecskemét event showcases how collaboration and innovation can drive the agricultural sector towards more sustainable practices.

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