Practice Abstract – Co-creation of research products with end-users

Workshops are an integral part of co-creating products with stakeholders in agricultural research projects. Researchers face the challenge of providing novel products that are market-ready and usable by end-users, who are often farmers. Scientists communicate with their peers through specialized channels that may not be accessible to the broader community. However, when product development involves collaboration with end-users through co-creation processes, a certain level of understanding by practitioners is necessary.

In WATERAGRI, local workshops were held in 9 different case study countries, in local languages, to invite knowledgeable, interested, and open-minded participants to provide product-design feedback. Clear communication, targeted invitations, and ample pre- and post-workshop information significantly help all parties involved in feeling more satisfied with the process. Workshops ensure that the end-products meet the needs of end-users and have a direct impact on farmers.

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