Practice Abstract – A framework to predict and manage soil water and plant status for the next weeks

Sudden droughts are becoming more common, making reliable information products with long forecast horizons increasingly necessary for the weather- and climate-resilient agriculture. WATERAGRI partner Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH  developed Terrestrial System Modeling Platform (TSMP) that can account for spatially varying inputs such as precipitation, other meteorological variables like global radiation, land use, crop types, and hydro(geo)logical properties. Not only short-term weather forecasts but also long-term climate change and land-use scenarios can be considered to drive simulations with TSMP.

A local model for the WATERAGRI pilot site Selhausen, as a demonstration case, is currently being developed with TSMP. Forecasts for agricultural plots will provide a good basis for planning agricultural activities (e.g., irrigation). The effectiveness of drought measures will be evaluated.

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