Open Days at Pilot Site in Poland

WATERAGRI partners Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinow (CDR) and Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences (UPWr) organized an Open Day event at the WATERAGRI pilot site in Lubnow, Lower Silesia, Poland on 14 June. The Open Day event in Lubnów was divided into two parts, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of the WATERAGRI solutions.

The first part of Open Days, delivered by the experts Dr. Wieslaw Fiałkiewicz and Dr. Arkadiusz Głogowski, scientists from the UPWr, explained the scientific aspects of the WATERAGRI solutions. Their presentations shed light on innovative approaches to water management, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices in agriculture. Another presentation was delivered by Anna Gołdys from CDR. She provided an overview of the general assumptions and objectives of the WATERAGRI project, offering a broader perspective on its significance. Additionally, Magdalena Kuryś from the Lower Silesian Advisory Centre shared vital information about local water partnerships and addressed specific water-related challenges prevalent in the region.

Following the insightful presentations, the second part of the event unfolded with an exciting farm visit. Twenty-three individuals had the opportunity to witness the implementation of WATERAGRI solutions firsthand. This immersive experience allowed participants to observe the practical applications of the project’s innovations within a real farming environment, fostering a deeper understanding of their potential benefits.

One of the significant outcomes of the event was the signing of a consent with an early adopter. This demonstrated a tangible commitment from a farming professional to implement the WATERAGRI solution, water retainer, in their operations, showcasing the project’s efficacy and value.

The Open Day event organized as part of the WATERAGRI project in Lubnów, Poland, proved to be a success success. It brought together stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and fostered knowledge exchange, collaboration, and engagement.

You can see the gallery from the event:

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