WATERAGRI Pilots – Continental Zone – Poland

The farm of 500 ha is located in the lowland part of Lower Silesia and specializes in cereals. Despite having drainage system operations over the whole area, the farm struggles with both water shortages and local flooding. With WATERAGRI solutions, the farm will benefit from improved water retention and quality. Improved field nutrient doses will keep high yields of cultivated crops and reduced contamination of water within the catchment. The expected impact will be on water management at the farm level to improve water availability resulting in high yields of cultivated crops.

WATERAGRI solutions applied at the case study location:

  • A new observation network is set up by UPWr while using the HydroGeosphere software. The measurements are collected in 5-min intervals and stored online in a cloud database. The collection of data will take place until the end of the project.
  • UNINE is hosting a model developer from UPWr to introduce the integrated physically-based terrestrial system. This allows the development of real-time irrigation schedule modeling.
  • The water retainer product is tested in collaboration with BZN.
  • the remote sensing pipeline developed by VULTUS and the dewaterability estimation test provided by USAL are applied in Poland.

Partners involved: Leader: UPWr, Participants: BZN, AGRICOLUS, VULTUS, USAL, UNINE, and UPWr.

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