Insights from Enabler Advisory Board Interview

At the 8th WATERAGRI General Assembly Meeting in Budapest our Enablers Advisory Board representatives were interviewed and gave their brief insights about the project activities and outcomes. Dr. Nidhi Nagabhatla from the United Nations University highlighted the remarkable interdisciplinary nature of the project and its profound contributions to environmental sustainability.

Dr. Nagabhatla emphasized that through the implementation of innovative WATERAGRI technologies, the project offers substantial benefits to farmers. By adopting these technologies, they can effectively reduce costs while simultaneously enhancing farm management practices and increasing income. This not only promotes economic growth but also encourages sustainable agricultural practices.

Furthermore, the Enablers Advisory Board recognizes the potential impact WATERAGRI have on EU policies. By influencing policies such as the EU Water Framework Directive, it aims to incorporate newer dimensions, innovations, and solutions that align with the evolving challenges of today’s world.

Looking ahead, Dr. Nagabhatla sees opportunities for the future research within the European Innovation Fund and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) funding. These resources can be harnessed to take the project’s innovations to different stakeholders, including the private sector, corporations, and farmer cooperatives.

In conclusion, the Enablers Advisory Board‘s interview with Dr. Nidhi Nagabhatla sheds light on project’s interdisciplinary approach, commitment to environmental sustainability, and the potential for driving positive change. Through innovative technologies, simplified communication of scientific findings, and engagement with policymakers, the project aims to create a sustainable future for agriculture and water management. By leveraging EU policies and tapping into funding opportunities, the Enablers Advisory Board strives to scale their solutions and make a lasting impact on global sustainability efforts.

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