Factsheet – Irrigation Management Platform

WATERAGRI partner AGRICOLUS developed solution Irrigation Management Platform. It calculates the optimal irrigation schedule by using a combination of remote sensing, geographic information systems, and global positioning systems.

The system provides daily updates on crop water conditions, irrigation needs, and tracks changes in soil moisture levels over time, comparing them to upper (ideal moisture for irrigation) and lower (mandatory irrigation threshold) limits. Additionally, the model generates data on phenological phases, crop coefficients, and water stress coefficients.

To set up and enable the irrigation management system, it is necessary to install either a physical or virtual weather station. Once the installation is complete, the precision irrigation system operates automatically, requiring no on-site assistance for monitoring and management.

There are numerous advantages to employing an irrigation management system, including enhanced water efficiency and reduced water wastage. Moreover, maintaining optimal soil moisture levels results in increased nutrient and organic matter content, leading to improved soil fertility and higher crop yields and quality. Additionally, efficient water resource utilization contributes to farm and farming system adaptation in response to ongoing climate change.

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