Enabler Advisory Board Interview at 8th GA

During the 8th WATERAGRI General Assembly Meeting in Budapest, our Enablers Advisory Board members were interviewed, sharing their perspectives on the project’s activities and results.

Olle Haggblom, representing the Finnish Field Drainage Association, emphasized the project’s advantage lies in its extensive research on various technologies. Furthermore, the project’s significance is underscored by the wide geographical distribution of test sites across Europe, which enables the testing of multiple solutions developed during the project under different conditions.

Olle Haggblom identified several challenges, including the implementation of solutions and their adoption by farmers, as well as the recognition of these solutions by decision-makers and the necessity for their adoption. He also stressed the importance of crafting policy briefs with concise points and ensuring they are disseminated to the right people at the right time. He also proposed the idea of sharing the results and knowledge generated during the project with educational institutions that train future farmers.

Insights from Enabler Advisory Board are of crucial importance for iterative development of WATERAGRI tools and its uptake.

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