Workshop 5 Recap

The culmination of the WATERAGRI project was the Final Executive Board meeting and General Assembly held in Lund, Sweden, on April 10th and 11th, 2024.  In addition, Stakeholder Workshop 5 was organized during this event.

Workshop 5 was structured to facilitate a deep dive into the WATERAGRI technologies and their implementation. It commenced with registration and opened with keynote speeches from prominent experts such as Henrik Djerv from HIR Skåne, who discussed the present and future water needs in Swedish Agriculture, and Raffaella Zucaro, General Director at CER and Director of ANBI ER, who explored the potentials of WATERAGRI innovations in the Italian irrigation sector.

The workshop featured a comprehensive presentation of the WATERAGRI Framework, including rapid assessments, simplified and complex models, and user interface discussions presented by the project member. The main session was followed by three parallel sessions were stakeholders were divided into three groups and were showcased each of the WATERAGRI simplified model previously presented. This was followed by a feedback session where stakeholders engaged in break-out discussions, allowing for an interactive exchange of international experiences and collective feedback on the WATERAGRI solutions.

We look forward to welcoming you to an inspiring morning of learning and interaction that promises to bring us one step closer to a more sustainable world!

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