WATERAGRI Workshop #2

The WATERAGRI project invites you to participate at the 2nd online WATERAGRI Workshop. The virtual meeting will be hosted by Consorzio di Bonifica – CER (Bologna, Italy).

What is the workshop about?

A portfolio of the WATERAGRI solutions related to soil water & nutrient management is tested in 10 case studies distributed across three climatic zones in Europe. The overarching goal of this workshop is to enhance the dialogue between WATERAGRI solution providers and the interested stakeholders. During the workshop, the WATERAGRI solutions and the overall project objectives will be presented, while there will be dedicated time for all participants to pose questions or provide any kind of feedbacks. Also, at the 2nd part of the workshop, there will be a possibility for all participants to join different ‘discussion rooms’ – which will be dedicated to specific countries, such as Italy, Finland, Sweden, Germany, France, Hungary, and Poland. Here, the discussion will be held on local languages.

About the WATERAGRI project

WATERAGRI project aims to re-introduce and enhance sustainable solutions for water retention and nutrient recycling by developing traditional drainage and irrigation solutions and re-introduce nature-based solutions such as integrated constructed wetlands, bio-inspired drainage systems and sustainable flood retention basins in the agricultural landscape, leading to better retention of both water and nutrients.

To learn more about the WATERAGRI solutions visit our YouTube channel or our website, and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Please note that the number of the workshop attendees is limited, so please register to reserve your seat.

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