WATERAGRI Pilots – Boreal Zone – Sweden

Gårdstånga Nygård (GN) manages 200 ha of organic and 800 ha of conventional farmland, which is vulnerable to droughts. The conventional cultivation is undertaken according to FAO’s three principles of conservation agriculture. The expected impact of applying the WATERAGRI solutions in addition to improving the planting sequence and field management will comprise improved soil health, reduced leaching of nutrients and decreased carbon dioxide emissions from the soil.

WATERAGRI solutions applied at the case study location:

  • The construction of dikes, wetlands and reservoirs.
  • USAL and ULUND are testing the Dewaterability Estimation Test apparatus on wetland sludge.
  • The water retainer product will be tested in cooperation with BZN.

Partners involved: Leader: GN, Participants: ULUND, USAL, BZN and GN

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