WATERAGRI in Radio and Magazine Interview

Gustaf Ramel, a partner of WATERAGRI and owner of AB Gårdstånga Nygård in Sweden, recently participated in a radio interview at Sveriges Radio and also gave an interview to the SVT Nyheter magazine. Both the radio and the magazine interview are in Sweden.

In the face of recurring droughts and the challenges posed by a changing climate, farmers worldwide are seeking innovative solutions to safeguard their harvests. Gustaf, recognized the need for a reliable water source and decided to construct his own lake or irrigation pond, a reservoir that holds over 100 million liters of water. This proactive approach aims to revitalize his potato fields and ensure a steady supply of food for the Swedish population.

The newly developed land around the dam has become an experimental field where researchers that cooperate on WATERAGRI project are exploring innovative crops and cultivation methods suited to the changing climate. By constructing the irrigation dam and collaborating with researchers, Gustaf demonstrates a proactive response to the challenges posed by climate change. Such initiatives are essential for securing food production, not just in Gårdstånga but throughout the world.

This remarkable initiative not only ensures a steady food supply for the Swedish people but also serves as an inspiration for other farmers facing similar hardships worldwide. With proactive idea and their investigation within WATERAGRI project we can overcome the challenges of a changing climate and secure a prosperous future for generations to come.

*Original radio and the magazine interviews are in Swedish language.

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