The recent Water Innovation and Circularity Conference (WICC), held in Athens from 7th to 9th June 2023, brought together a diverse audience of university scholars, policymakers, researchers, and EU commissioners. Among the participants was WATERAGRI partner, alchemia-nova (ALCN) represented by Eriona Canga. She presented a poster titled Water and Nutrient Retention Using Bio-Inspired Drainage Filters in the Agricultural Landscape, Austria.

The poster presentation showcased the potential of bio-inspired drainage filters as a transformative solution for sustainable water management in agriculture. With its ability to enhance water and nutrient retention while promoting sustainable agriculture, this innovation holds promise for achieving a more resilient and environmentally friendly agricultural sector.

By merging cutting-edge research with practical implementation, Eriona Canga and her team within WATERAGRI project are paving the way for a  affordable food production.

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