WATERAGRI at ULUND conference

WATERAGRI coordinator, Dr Rolf Larsson, professor from Lund University (ULUND), attended 3rd Lund University Research Conference on Knowledge for Sustainable Development in Lund, Sweden, held on November 7, 2023.

Organized by the Research Board in collaboration with the Sustainability Forum at Lund University, this annual event focused on highlighting sustainability research and exploring various pathways to translate research into tangible impact. With a total of 120 attendees, including ULUND researchers and external organizations, the conference aimed to foster collaboration and shed light on the critical role research plays in addressing sustainability challenges.

Rolf Larsson‘s participation in this significant conference underscored WATERAGRI‘s commitment to making a lasting impact on sustainable development. By presenting WATERAGRI at this platform, Rolf contributed to the mission of bridging the gap between research and real-world solutions in the realm of water and agriculture. In addition professor Larson strengthened contacts with researchers from diverse disciplines which opens up avenues for collaboration, potentially expanding WATERAGRI‘s reach and influence.

Knowledge gained and connections forged at this conference will propel WATERAGRI towards  success in its mission to create a sustainable future.

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