WATERAGRI at the Planet Budapest 2023

On September 28, 2023, a team from WATERAGRI, consisting of Nora Hatvani, Akos Koos (Bay Zoltan), Janos Tamas, Attila Nagy (University of Debrecen), and Tamas Szolnoky (Agrogeo Co. Ltd), took part in the esteemed Planet Budapest 2023, sustainability expo. This event served as an excellent platform to showcase WATERAGRI results.

The event brought together a diverse audience, including researchers, farmers, decision-makers, advisory services, and the general public, making it the perfect stage for WATERAGRI presentation.

WATERAGRI‘s participation in Planet Budapest 2023 was as an exhibitor, providing them with a platform to showcase their extensive range of sustainability-related activities. The partners of WATERAGRI aimed not only to spotlight their achievements but also to establish connections with potential partners who share their commitment to sustainability. By engaging with attendees from diverse backgrounds, WATERAGRI foster collaborations that could drive real change in the agriculture and water management sectors.

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