We are excited to share our experience and achievements from the recent MACFRUT 2023 Fruit & Veg Professional Show, where the WATERAGRI project made a significant impact. On 4th May 2023 WATERAGRI partner Canale Emiliano Romagnolo (CER) participated at the stand of the Acqua Campus. This international event served as a platform for CER to showcase innovative WATERAGRI solutions for water retention and nutrient recovery.

The innovative techniques and technologies developed in the WATERAGRI project captured the attention of the audience, opening up new possibilities for sustainable water management in agriculture. With the active participation of over than 200 international stakeholders, including farmers, food processors, university representatives, policy makers, and the general public, the event provided an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about sustainable water management practices in agriculture. The CER team engaged with the audience through interactive demonstrations, informative presentations, and engaging discussions, helping them understand the benefits and applications of the WATERAGRI solutions.

The engagement and enthusiasm of the audience demonstrated the growing interest in innovative solutions for irrigation and water and nutrient retention. Through events like MACFRUT 2023, we can create a ripple effect, inspiring individuals and institutions to adopt sustainable practices that benefit both the environment and the agricultural sector.

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