WATERAGRI at Hungarian Science Festival

As part of the Hungarian Science Festival‘s conference series, on November 13, 2023. Attila Nagy, WATERAGRI partner from University of Debrecen (UNIDEB) presented key findings and insights from the WATERAGRI project, shedding light on European and national agricultural water management.

The event was hybrid, with about 40 attendees physically present and reaching a wider audience online. Attila Nagy, guided the audience through the collaborative efforts and outcomes achieved within the framework of the H2020-funded WATERAGRI project. The focus was particularly on the results obtained at the Hungarian case study site, providing a localized perspective on the broader project’s impact. The presentation, titled “Európai és hazai mezőgazdálkodási vízgazdálkodás a Wateragri H2020 projekt alapján”, is available on YouTube (Time stamp: 1:57:58) in Hungarian language.

Attila Nagy‘s presentation at the Hungarian Science Festival served as a vital platform for disseminating knowledge, fostering collaboration, and advancing the discourse on agricultural water management. The engagement of academics, researchers, and students underscored the importance of initiatives like WATERAGRI in shaping the future of sustainable agriculture. As we navigate the complex challenges of water scarcity and agricultural sustainability, the insights shared during this presentation contribute significantly to the ongoing dialogue and inspire further research and action in the field.

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