WATERAGRI at Agro Games 2023 in Poland

In the dynamic field of agriculture, it is crucial to foster knowledge exchange and engage the next generation of professionals. On 25 May, at the Agro Games 2023 event held in Skierniewice, Poland, the WATERAGRI project was presented. Through an insightful lecture and strategic promotional materials, WATERAGRI partner AGRICULTURAL ADVISORY CENTRE IN BRWINÓW (CDR) introduced project’s achievements to the audience, comprising of over 80 university representatives and students from nine agricultural universities across the nation.

Agro Games 2023 provided the ideal platform to raise awareness among the future leaders of the agricultural industry. Recognizing the importance of engaging this specific demographic, the team at WATERAGRI designed their lecture to resonate with the younger audience while providing valuable insights for the university representatives. To maximize the visibility of the WATERAGRI project, the team utilized a strategic promotional material: a WATERAGRI roll-up. This visually appealing and informative display featured key project details, including its goals, achievements, and ongoing research initiatives.

This increased recognition and engagement on a national level will undoubtedly contribute to the overall impact and success of the WATERAGRI project.

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