WATERAGRI 9th GA Meeting Recap

The WATERAGRI project, which is part of the H2020 research and innovation initiative, evaluates the water and nutrient retention needs of the farming community and creates innovative technologies for use on farms and within agricultural catchment areas.

9th General Assembly Meeting (GA) of the WATERAGRI project was held in Bologna, Italy from 17 to 18 October. It has been hosted by WATERAGRI partners from Italy, University of Bologna (UNIBO) and Canale Emiliagno Romagnolo (CER). Consortium members gathered to discuss the project’s current advancements and the upcoming activities by the end of the project.

On the first day of the GA, Atilio Toscano, the host and a partner from UNIBO, along with the project coordinator, Rolf Larsson, opened the meeting. Sebastian Puculek, the project manager, provided an overview of the program. The opening session was followed by a special presentation about the City of Bologna and its seven secrets delivered by Stevo Lavrnić from UNIBO. After Stevo’s presentation, Francesco Cavazza from CER explained the role of CER in agricultural water management in Emilia-Romagna.

The main session on the first day was conducted by Sebastian Puculek and focused on providing an overview of the project’s status, financial summary, as well as the organization of Workshop 5 and the final conference. In addition, Vladimir Mrkajić from InoSens presented the status of Exploitation, Business Plan and IPR management within the project. Afterward, Tamara Avellan from University of OULU provided an update on the status of the WATERAGRI Policy Briefs, which she is collaborating on with Nidhi Nagabhatla from UNU.

On the second day of the GA, during the plenary session, partners discussed the project’s Dissemination and Communication achievements, as well as possibilities for innovations beyond the project’s duration. In the parallel session hosted by Agricolus, framework testing was a topic of discussion. After the morning session in the conference room, participants enjoyed Italian case study visit hosted by CER partners.

Project partners are now preparing for the Final conference and Workshop 5 as well as for the next GA meeting which will be held in Sweden, hosted by Lund University partners in the spring next year.

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