Water is attracted to Water: “One Day We Will Dance With You” film

We are excited to announce that the short film ‘One Day We Will Dance With You’ made in collaboration with the Water is Attracted to Water Project has been selected for inclusion in the Smaragdni Ecofilm Festival in August 2021!

The film features a dance sequence dedicated to the WATERAGRI project and provides information about the work we are doing with ponds, wetlands, and irrigation.

On Day we Will Dance with You is showing in the following locations:

26th August 2021         Petrinja, Dvor, Hrv. Kostajnica

27th August 2021         Hrv. Dubica, Jasenovac

28th August 2021         Majur, Sunja, Lonjsko Polje

29th August 2021         Sisak

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