UNIDEB PhD student in the study visit at FZJ

Within WATERAGRI activities, PhD student Andrea Szabo from University of Debrecen, (UNIDEB), Hungary is currently at the study visit at Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, (FZJ), Gearmany. During her stay in Germany, she studies the manuals and articles on CLM 5.0 (physical model) and supercomputers. Her main task is to organize and present her own data, describe the area of Nyírbátor (accuracy of meteorological data for 2020 and 2021) and define modelling objectives.

Her tasks are also registration and access point setup for supercomputer project and installation of CLM5.0, learning and practising the code needed to use basic LINUX and the supercomputer. She participated in a 4-day formal supercomputer training course with both practical and theoretical parts. Her main tasks also include practising CLM on the test areas (1D models) given on the supercomputer, learning to interpret main input and output data using data from another WATERAGRI site (Selhausen), practising the use of Jupyterlab with phyton codes to prepare model input data and display output data (netCDF). To do this, she made plots of the meteorological data by writing python code, which will later be the background plots in the modelling.

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