Delft University of Technology (TU DELFT) is a multifaceted institution that offers education and carries out research in the technical sciences at an internationally recognised level. Education, research, and design are strongly oriented towards applicability. TU DELFT develops technologies for future generations, focusing on sustainability, safety, and economic vitality. TUDELFT comprises eight faculties, unique laboratories, research institutes, and schools. The Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences of TUDELFT is a world-leading research and education institution in respective fields. Within the faculty, the Department of Water Management focuses on addressing a wide range of challenges across the full water cycle. The objectives of the research are to understand water availability and water (re)use, as well as water quality, treatment, and transport, and to translate this knowledge into practical technologies and methods. The department currently has 30 full-time academics and over 100 PhD students and postdocs. The current portfolio of Dutch, EU, industrial, and other research projects is worth over 28 million €. The department quality is best reflected in TUDELFT’s high ranking on the Shanghai world list of universities for ‘Water Resources’ (currently ranked 3rd; was 1st last year).

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Main Role in WATERAGRI

TUDELFT will be responsible for the development of a serious game (WP1) in WATERAGRI. This work builds on a major track record of key personnel in developing new methodologies for decision support in water engineering.

TU Delft – Consortium partner

Key persons

Prof. Zoran Kapelan (male) holds the Chair and is a Professor of Urban Water Infrastructure in the Department of Water Management at Delft University of Technology (TU DELFT). He is an IWA Fellow with 30 years of research and consulting experience in water engineering. His research interests cover a wide range of topics related to water engineering including the development of various decision support systems for effective decision making involving complex trade-offs. He has been or is an investigator on more than 40 EU, UK and industry projects with corresponding grants worth over €10 million. He is currently serving as Editor for the Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management and Associate Editor for Water Resources Research. He has (co)authored over 400 publications including over 150 journal papers with an H-index of 46 (Google Scholar). Further information can be found at

Dr Lisa Scholten (female) is an Assistant Professor of Urban Water Infrastructure in the Department of Water Management at TUDELFT. Her research focuses on the development and practical validation of methods for multi-stakeholder decision support in water infrastructure planning, management and policy. It combines system analysis, modelling, facilitation, and co-creation approaches from different schools of thought in the social, natural, and applied sciences. Her work has been published in leading journals and has received or been nominated for several awards. To date, she has been an investigator on EU, Swiss, Sino-German, and Dutch science and industry projects and acquired grants worth about €890000. She has served as a reviewer for leading scholarly journals and scientific and industry-funding institutions in The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, and Africa. For further information see