Simplified Models for WATERAGRI Solutions

In order to enable sustainable agricultural production, it is crucial to make solutions understandable and usable to farmers and other stakeholders. Three WATERAGRI solutions’ webpages have been upgraded with simplified models of the project’s solutions: Tracer Methods, Activated Biochar and Farm Constructed Wetlands for Water Retention webpage.

  1. Tracer MethodsThis method follows water in soil. In WATERAGRI, rain’s makeup shows patterns due to seasons. These patterns appear in soil too. This helps measure water movement, like groundwater recharge, and estimate evapotranspiration.
  2. Activated BiocharBiochar’s adsorption abilities make it a sustainable solution for treating nutrient-rich water.  Two type of activated biochar were added to nutrient solutions, measuring absorption by comparing concentrations. Activated biochar can replace fertilizers, reduce nitrogen leakage, and improve soil quality and water retention.
  3. Farm Constructed Wetlands for Water RetentionFarm Constructed Wetlands (FCW) are nature solutions that store water for agriculture. They help irrigation, manage rainwater, and recharge groundwater. It benefits farmers, nature, and the environment.

WATERAGRI partners from AGRICOLUS have been working on simplifying these three solutions with the aim to bridge the gap between technical intricacy and public understanding. These models ensure that the essence of each solution is conveyed without losing its scientific significance.

At WATERAGRI, we firmly believe that the journey towards sustainable water management and agriculture is a collaborative one. By providing simplified models, we invite you to embark on this journey with us.

Visit the updated webpages now and witness the power of simplicity in understanding complexity. Together, let’s unlock a future where sustainable water and agriculture go hand in hand.

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