Serious Game Instructions

Game manual

Development cards

Game download and use

The serious game AgriLemma consists of different materials and paraphernalia. To organize a game session, stakeholders must print some materials and arrange the physical tokens independently. The following printable materials can be downloaded from the WATERAGRI website (available in May 2023):

1. Game board (x1) – original size 80mm x 600 mm
2. Game manuals (one for each player and one for the facilitator)
3. Reference cards (one for each player and one for the facilitator)
4. Technology cards (80 cards in total – 8 x 10 types of technologies)
5. Crop cards (36 crop cards in total – 6 x 6 types of crop cards)
6. Development cards (24 development cards in total – 8 x 3 types of development cards)
7. Weather cards (15 in total – extreme heatwave (x2), summer drought (x2), fair weather (x4), normal weather (x4), and hailstorms (x3).)
8. Event cards (15 in total – monoculture mayhem x 2, pest outbreak x2, tech grants x 2, social support x 1, weed infestation x 2, livelihood support x 1, income support x 1, go organic x 1, loans x 1, crop disaster x 2)
9. Wetland cards – 16 cards to be given to the player when they buy a wetland technology

The PDFs available on the WATERAGRI website contain the required number of items for each of the cards.
Users can download, print, and cut the cards to prepare the materials. If people want to adapt the game to their requirements, editable versions of these cards can be requested by emailing

In addition to the above printable materials, other objects need to be obtained:

These can be bought from local game shops or ordered online. Two examples of web stores that have a good selection are and Please note this is not an exhaustive list, and we do not intend to promote these websites exclusively

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