REGELSBERGER focuses on sustainable water management, closed loop substance flows and integrated approaches to water management, combining water supply, sanitation and storm water management for one, and linking them to other disciplines; e.g., agriculture, not least urban agriculture, landscaping, urban planning, architecture, transport and biodiversity. We design productive buildings and neighbourhoods, increase wellbeing and reduce the footprint to a size which nature can bear.

Main Role in WATERAGRI

REGELSBERGER provides expertise in Environment, Sustainability, Wastewater Treatment and Water Engineering. We will test WATERAGRI solutions including farm constructed wetlands and different farming practices within the Austrian context (WP5). We will also engage with end-users such as farmers.

Regelsberger – Consortium partner

Key persons

Martin Regelsberger is the owner of the Technisches Büro für Kulturtechnik Regelsberger (since 1996). He was the coordinator of the project Zer0-M in the Meda Water Programme between 2003 and 2009 and is a member of the H2020 project Edible Cities Network (EdiCitNet). He is internationally recognised for his expertise in nature-based solutions including wetland systems. Regelsberger is a member of the Global Wetland Technology Group and the Austrian commission deciding about federal subsidies for all water projects.