Practice Abstract – WATERAGRI Public Engagement through the Arts

WATERAGRI and Water is Attracted to Water teamed up to enhance public engagement and raise awareness about sustainable water use, nutrient recovery in agriculture, and climate adaptation. Through participatory arts and the award-winning short film “One Day We Will Dance With You“, we educate people about water and sustainability in an enjoyable and accessible way. Our workshops and events connect participants emotionally and intellectually with these important themes. Join us in creating a more sustainable future!

Film has been performed and awarded at lot of festivals. The full list of festivals and awards is:
  • Environment and Climate short award: Kiez Berlin Film Festival, Germany.
  • Best Eco Film: Golden Giraffe International Film Festival, France.
  • Best Eco Work: Masters of Cinema, Italy.
  • Best Eco Film: Amsterdam Freedom Independent IFF, Holland.
  • Dancing Story Award: Cinema Verde: International Environmental Film and Arts Festiva, USA
  • Official selection: Resurge: Canadian Film Festivals for a Liveable Climate
  • Official selection: SEFF Smaragni Ecofilm Festival, Croatia.
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