Pilot site – Nyirbator, Hungary

Hungarian pilot site, Nyírbátor is located in the Pannonian region, close to the city of Nyírbátor. This site is an area sensitive to nitrate levels. It encompasses a total of 16 hectares of pastureland where cattle graze, utilizing a sprinkler irrigation system, and an additional 50 hectares of irrigated arable land growing feed crops. The soil consists primarily of sandy and sandy loam textures, with occasional patches of loam found in deeper layers.

At the Nyírbátor pilot site multiple WATERAGRI solutions are tested: Integrated physically-based terrestrial system models, Irrigation management and agrometeorological monitoring solutions, Precision irrigation system, Enhanced water retainer product and concept, Dewaterability estimation test apparatus and Microfluidics. WATERAGRI partners from University of Debrecen supervise the testing at this pilot site.

Solutions tested at the Nyirbator pilot site can contribute to better irrigation practices and better evaluation of water balance by modeling soil moisture content. In addition, enhanced water retention capacity of the soil contributes to better resistance on drought. In summary, tested solutions can contribute to food security and yield increase at the pilot site.

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