Pilot site – Bologna, Italy

Italian pilot site is located in Bologna and it is experimental farm of Aqua Campus. The whole farm is monitored with sensors to gain data for climate, soil humidity and condition settings for the irrigated crops. University of Bologna and Canale Emiliano Romagnolo are conducting test at this experimental site.

At this pilot site a number of WATERAGRI solutions are tested: Farm constructed wetlands for water retention, Farm constructed wetlands for nutrient recovery, Biochar, Microfluidics, Water retainer.  The challenge that this pilot site was faced with in 2022 is drought. There was lack of the water in the farm and solutions couldn’t been tested in a planned way, therefore experiments had to be adjusted.

The main benefit from testing WATERAGRI solutions at this pilot site is that by recycling nutrients and water sustainability of the pilot site can be increased.

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