Open Days at Hungarian Pilot Site

As a part of the WATERAGRI project, Open Days dedicated to Hungarian Pilot site, Nyírbátor were organized on the 6th of December 2023. Event took place in Gödöllő, Hungary. All the three Hungarian WATERAGRI partners were presented Pilot site: Tamás Szolnoky from Agrogeo, Ákos Koós from Bay Zoltán Institute, Attila Nagy and Erika Buday-Bódi from University of Debrecen.

The Open Days event brought together a diverse group of stakeholders, including farmers, researchers, and advisors. A total of 23 participants, comprising 4 farmers, 16 researchers, and 3 advisories, explored the outcomes and challenges faced during the WATERAGRI project implementation.

The event centered around showcasing the results of the Hungarian pilot site and sharing invaluable experiences gained from testing innovative solutions. Attendees delved into the Hungarian best practices in utilizing alternative water resources for irrigation. The spotlight was on key WATERAGRI solutions such as water retainer, agrometeorological monitoring, precision irrigation, physical-based modeling, and remote sensing pipeline in the agricultural production.

One of the primary outcomes of the Open Days event was the raising awareness of precision irrigation’s crucial role at irrigated sites. The emphasis on regular monitoring surveys of biomass emerged as a key factor in optimizing agricultural practices.

Emerging from the Open Days is an evident interest among farmers in adopting precision irrigation, water retention measures, and remote sensing monitoring in the years to come. This signals a positive shift towards sustainable and efficient agricultural practices.

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