Microfluidic System for Nutrient Recovery

WATERAGRI Partners constantly developing solutions to solve agricultural water management and soil fertilization challenges in a sustainable manner. Among nutrient recovery solutions, WATERAGRI partner Eden Tech is developing solution AKVO Technology for Microfluidic systems.

Microfluidics system is compact water treatment system facilitating the remediation of polluted waters. This system is inspired by vascular system. As our blood vessels supply oxygen and remove waste from our bodies, with our heart acting as a pump, Microfluidic system transport and process water at low energy removing pollutants from urban wastewater. WATERAGRI is tailoring Microfluidic wastewater treatment systems to recover nutrients in situ from agricultural wastewaters.

This technology enables circular use of water in farms as agricultural effluents can carry significant amount of antibiotics, pesticides and other chemicals and must be treated prior to re-insertion in the water circuit or prior to re-use. With this solution WATERAGRI is enabling the agricultural community to benefit from the energy-saving and compact technology.

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