LFS Farming School Visited Case Study Location Mistelbach

Within the development phase of the novel bio-inspired multi-layer drainage system, Alchemia-Nova (ALCN) and The University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU) worked closely with the stakeholders from the LFS farming school in Mistelbach since two slightly different kinds of drainage systems will be placed on one of their agricultural fields for experimental purposes.

Via several online meetings and on-site visits, the stakeholders have been involved in the planning and implementation stages. This included gaining information on the field conditions and practical issues for their daily work. Their needs and feedback on the system were considered in the development. The stakeholders contributed with their knowledge of the set-up, the plant selection, and the systems’ placement.

In spring 2021, the first prototypes of a bio-inspired multi-layer drainage system will be implemented on an agricultural field in Mistelbach / Lower Austria.

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