Lecture at UNIBO – WATERAGRI Results

On February 5th, 2024, at the University of Bologna, WATERAGRI partners, Stevo Lavrnic and Attilio Toscano, delivered a lecture dedicated to students and professionals alike. Held within the framework specialization programme titled “Design and Management of Modern, Sustainable, and Technologically Advanced Agricultural Systems” (Progettazione e gestione di sistemi colturali moderni, sostenibili e tecnologicamente avanzati),” the lecture delved into the crucial realm of water management in agriculture.

By showcasing the latest advancements and real-world applications of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS), speakers underscored the significance of adopting holistic strategies to address modern agriculture challenges effectively. During the presentation Lavrnic and Toscano elucidated the WATERAGRI‘s objectives, methodologies, and most importantly, the tangible outcomes it has yielded. Through an engaging presentation, attendees gained valuable insights into innovative approaches to agricultural water management, emphasizing sustainability, efficiency, and resilience.

With a gathering of 15 attendees, the lecture fostered a conducive environment for meaningful exchanges and collaborative learning.

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