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The WATERAGRI project’s vision is to solve agricultural water management and soil fertilization challenges in a sustainable manner to secure affordable food production in Europe for the 21st century. To achieve this, the WATERAGRI project aspires to include perspectives that go beyond the one of involved scientists and are dedicated to mutual learning between science and society.

Governed by this principle of co-design, WATERAGRI tends to identify stakeholders that can influence product design and policy recommendations as well as maximize scientific impact through the exploitation of the project solutions. Stakeholders are people, entities or organizations that can impact the project success and at the same time benefit from it. They often have invaluable expertise and understanding about the project solutions and how it can be applied in practice. Based on their experience from practice, they can identify project constrains and risks and help to prepare contingency plans at the beginning the project.

Stakeholders’ engagement in WATERAGRI is a way to create mutually beneficial relationship as stakeholders’ involvement in decision-making process will increase both stakeholders’ and project partners’ knowledge. Main stakeholder groups that we seek to attract are researchers, farmers, decision makers, advisory services and general public.

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