Farm constructed wetlands for nutrient recovery

Farm constructed wetlands cannot just be used for water retention but also for nutrient recovery. Considerable nutrient loads are released to semi-natural water bodies such as wetlands due to inefficient (artificial) fertiliser usage and insufficiently treated agricultural wastewater. There is a great economic and environmental potential to capture these nutrients and reuse them in agriculture.

WATERAGRI will explore passive aeration systems in a co-creative process together with practitioners and other stakeholders. In addition, WATERAGRI will assess the potential of nutrient recovery for the use of growing crops, identify and test farm constructed wetland technologies, where biodiverse constructed wetlands remove pathogens and produce biomass for energy, and converge into agricultural space, utilising effluent water and nutrients to produce crops. Using non-food biomass for bio-energy will provide an additional incentive to farmers to set up constructed wetlands for nutrient control, thus moving closer to a circular economy/green economy situation through a Nexus Approach.

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