Factsheet: Water Retention Characteristics Model

The WATERAGRI partners from University of Salford (USAL) developed Water Retention Characteristics Model. This model adopted for WATERAGRI embarks on a novel approach grounded in the principles of interfacial physics.

This innovative model, revolutionizes our understanding of soil water dynamics. It acknowledges the coexistence of three distinct water phases in unsaturated soils: bulk water in fully occupied pore space, water vapor in empty pore space, and water film on pore walls. Leveraging classic physical interfacial theory, the model comprehensively describes and evaluates these phases, providing an explicit mathematical expression for their behavior across varying water contents or pore water saturations, from fully dry to fully wet.

By providing a precise state equation for soil water retention characteristics, this model equips subsurface hydrology modelers with a reliable and convenient tool. Moreover, it empowers end users with accurate assessments of the water retainer effect on soil water retention capacity. This transformative approach not only enhances our understanding of soil water dynamics but also paves the way for more effective and sustainable water management practices in agriculture.

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