Factsheet: Water Retainer

Water Retainer is an innovative solution designed by WATERAGRI partner Bay Zoltan Nonprofit Kft.  to address the challenges of drought in agriculture. This organic soil conditioner liquid is applied easily through surface spraying, making it accessible and efficient for farmers.

By penetrating deep into the soil, it aids in water absorption by plants and reduces evaporation from bare soils. It achieves this by trapping vapor in soil capillaries and converting it into tiny droplets of water, which are then readily available for plant roots. Additionally, when applied to the soil surface, it captures air humidity, further enhancing moisture retention.

The effectiveness of Water Retainer has been demonstrated through testing in both soil physical laboratories and field trials conducted as part of the WATERAGRI project. These tests have shown significant improvements in soil water retention, indicating its potential to mitigate the impact of drought on agricultural productivity.

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