Factsheet – Serious Gaming

Serious games, approach designed for purposes beyond entertainment, have proven to be transformative tools in various domains, especially for raising awareness in certain topics. One such remarkable example is AgriLemma, a serious game developed as part of the WATERAGRI project by our partners from TU Delft.

This innovative serious game, tackles the complexities of sustainable water retention and nutrient recycling solutions. By offering an engaging and enjoyable experience like AgriLemma serve a dual purpose – providing an effective learning medium and aligning with broader project goals such as sharing an idea of sustainable food production.

In AgriLemma, players assume the role of a farmer managing crops and resources. The game simulates real-world challenges, allowing players to make decisions, allocate resources strategically, and invest in technologies to enhance farm sustainability.

AgriLemma, through gamification, breaks down barriers, making the understanding and adoption of sustainable agricultural practices accessible to stakeholders with varying technical knowledge. This serious game, representing one of the innovative solutions within the WATERAGRI project, exemplifies the power of technology in fostering a deeper understanding of complex topics and encouraging the adoption of innovative solutions in agricultural water management.

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