Factsheet – Data Assimilation System

WATERAGRI partners are developing and testing data assimilation system that will be continuously updated with real-time data from in-situ and remote sensors (data assimilation step).

The Data Assimilation System is a game-changer for agriculture. By combining real-time measurements and advanced models, it predicts crop and soil conditions at plot and regional scales for the next 14 days. Advisory services can use the system to offer long-term support to farmers and decision-makers, optimizing irrigation schedules and increasing yields.

Though there are costs involved, the benefits of precise forecasts and proactive decision-making outweigh them. The system’s reliance on soil moisture and groundwater levels extends predictions beyond typical weather forecasts, opening new opportunities for sustainable and efficient agricultural practices. With the Data Assimilation System, the future of agriculture looks promising, driven by data-driven innovations.

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