Enhanced Water Retainer Concept

WATERAGRI Partners are working on the development of integrated water management approaches to achieve sustainable agricultural production and food security. Among water retention solutions, WATERAGRI partner Bay Zoltan Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research is developing solution Enhanced Water Retainer Concept.

The Enhanced Water Retainer Concept will be built on the Water Retainer product. This product is an organic soil conditioner liquid that can be added to the soil surface to help plants to take-up water, reduce evaporation from bare soils and thus diminish the effects of drought and dehydration. The plants can survive twice the time in drought conditions without serious damage, alleviating yield losses, while the lower stress level will show itself in better yield results.

The most important farming benefit of this solution is that it can significantly reduce water consumption, 30-50% of the water used for irrigation can be saved.

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