Deliverable – Stakeholder Training Material

Deliverable 1.2, Stakeholder Training Material, is designed to furnish stakeholders with educational resources encompassing all WATERAGRI solutions. This training material serves as a comprehensive resource, offering thorough information and knowledge to various stakeholder groups regarding WATERAGRI solutions, specifically focusing on water retention and nutrient recovery. This deliverable comprises a sophisticated training resource complemented by PowerPoint presentations aimed at fostering practical understanding. It delivers up-to-date insights to farmers facing issues related to drought, climate change, and diverse agricultural practices.

The authors and contributors of this Deliverable have developed training materials consisting of two primary components:

  • This document serves as a manual, offering comprehensive information about all WATERAGRI solutions and their contextual background, including their practical application and operation in relevant environments, as well as addressing contemporary climate challenges.
  • Additionally, there are PowerPoint presentations that furnish current information about the WATERAGRI project and provide guidance on the practical implementation of its solutions.
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