AgriLemma at Scientific Event in Rakowice Wielkie, Poland

WATERAGRI partners showcased AgriLemma Serious Game at the Scientific event held at the Economic and Technical High School in Rakowice Wielkie, Poland. On September 21st, Wieslaw Fialkiewicz and Arkadiusz Glogowski, from the Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, instead of a traditional lecture or presentation, introduced attendees to the world of AgriLemma Serious Game. The event welcomed a diverse audience, from high school students exploring their academic interests to seasoned Ph.D. researchers. In total, 72 individuals were in attendance, making it a significant outreach effort.

AgriLemma is a powerful tool designed to bridge the gap between scientific research and potential end-users, showing how innovative technologies developed within the WATERAGRI project can be practically applied in real-world scenarios. During the event, participants had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the game, gaining hands-on experience with the project’s technologies and solutions.

WATERAGRI‘s presentation at the Economic and Technical High School in Rakowice Wielkie is a testament to the project’s dedication to knowledge dissemination. By bringing science to life through interactive experiences, they are not only shaping the future of water management and agriculture but also inspiring the next generation of researchers and innovators.

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