4th Stakeholder Workshop Recap

On 24th February 2023, the 4th WATERAGRI Stakeholder Consultation Workshop was held at the Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands. The main aim of the workshop was to present a serious game – AgriLemma, to test it with WATERAGRI stakeholders and receive their feedback.

AgriLemma is a board game designed to engage farmers and stakeholders involved in the project and make them aware of the WATERAGRI solutions along with their pros and cons. By playing the game, farmers and other stakeholders can learn to appreciate more complex trade-offs that exist when using different technical solutions, thus increasing the acceptance of the overall WATERAGRI approach.

The workshop began with a brief introduction to the WATERAGRI project and the AgriLemma game concept. Participants were then divided into small groups, and each group was given a game set to play. The game sets included a game board, cards, and game pieces. Participants were encouraged to discuss the game rules, objectives, and strategies to achieve them while playing the game. After the game session, participants were asked for the feedback and suggestions for improvements.

The 4th WATERAGRI Stakeholder Consultation Workshop on Serious Gaming was a successful event that engaged partners and different stakeholders in testing the AgriLemma game and discussing further possibilities for exploitation of the WATERAGRI technical solutions. The workshop proved the potential of serious games as an effective tool for engaging stakeholders and raising awareness about complex water retention and nutrient recovery issues.

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