WATERAGRI Pilots – Continental Zone – Switzerland

The Seeland case study site is located within Switzerland’s largest vegetable farming area. However, due to the resulting absence of regular floods with the capability to carry in sediments, the increased occurrence of summer heatwaves extended dry periods, and changing precipitation dynamics, the once extensive and highly fertile peat soils have shrunken dramatically through mineralization. The remaining fertile peat soils now represent a highly-priced, scarce resource in desperate need of protection, and the growing population in the area makes it impossible to develop new agricultural areas. WATERAGRI will, therefore, maintain a high level of food production in the long term through intelligent water, soil, and nutrient management. It will optimize drainage management through real-time management.

WATERAGRI solutions applied at the case study location:

  • Optimization of the drainage management (e.g., closure of certain drains in times of drought) through real-time management
  • Development of A HydroGeoSphere model
  • Irrigation management and agrometeorological monitoring solutions
  • Precision irrigation system

Partners involved: Leader: UNINE, Participants: FZJ, OULU, and UNINE

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