WATERAGRI Pilots – Continental Zone – Italy

A 12.5 ha experimental farm of the Land Reclamation Consortium is located near Bologna (northern Italy; continental climate zone) and different crops (winter wheat, soya, maize, fruits, vegetables, etc.) are grown. WATERAGRI will optimize irrigation, water retention, agricultural drainage water treatment (e.g., pesticide removal), and nutrient recovery.

WATERAGRI solutions applied at the case study location:

  • Farm constructed wetlands for water retention and nutrient recovery
  • The membrane-based solution is also tested in the pilot plant.
  • UNIBO and CER are testing the dewaterability estimation test, remote sensing pipeline, and water retainer for comparison purposes, based on their results during the development stage on a full-scale system, thus improving their performance.
  • The AGRICOLUS product (Irrigation management and agrometeorological monitoring solutions; Precision irrigation system) is benchmarked against the IRRIFRAME model managed by CER; optimal scheduling of irrigation is tested at the CER irrigation research CER experimental farm

Partners involved: Leaders: UNIBO and CER, Participants: AGRICOLUS, BZN, USAL, VTT, VULTUS, CER and UNIBO

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