WATERAGRI Pilots – Continental Zone – Germany

The Selhausen agricultural research station consists of 51 agricultural fields covering 1 km2 and represents the heterogeneous rural area of the lower Rhine valley. WATERAGRI (with the help of field experiments) determines drought stress responses of plants to optimize irrigation. The proposed framework assists in the selection and management of crops such as sugar beet, winter wheat, winter barley, maize, and rapeseed. The impact indicator is the expected production gain as a function of the amount of irrigation water.

WATERAGRI solutions applied at the case study location:

  • on-line data are captured in the cloud (visualized results of predictions of the hydrological and plant status and carbon and nitrogen states and fluxes for the next weeks based on medium-range weather forecasts), stored in a database, linked to a physically-based model (TSMP), and used via data assimilation to update the model in near real-time. This includes remote sensing data.
  • Additionally, water samples are taken from the German case study site to support the development of microfluidics technology.

Partners involved: Leader: FZJ, Participant: FZJ and INRAE

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