WATERAGRI Pilots – Continental Zone – France

A 4000-ha catchment near Auxerre has challenges with water polluted by pesticides and nitrates. The arable land relies on drainage pipes pouring into sinkholes. WATERAGRI will help farmers in adjusting their crop rotations, nutrient management, controlled drainage, and wetland technology. The design and implementation process will be supported by observations. We will work with the local union for clean water, farmer association, agricultural chamber, and public advisory agency for farmers.

WATERAGRI solutions applied at the case study location:

  • The de novo design is supported by the WATERAGRI serious game.
  • The step-by-step design and implementation process is supported by monitoring and a dashboard inspired by the TRANSITEAU method.
  • In one of the farms with irrigation, we are testing a WATERAGRI solution: the water retainer (BZN).
  • Additionally, water samples are taken from the French case study site to support the development of the microfluidics technology.
  • In later stages, water retention solutions will be considered.

Partners involved: Leader: INRAE, Participants: BZN, INRAE and Agricultural Chamber of Yonne

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